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Auditing Database Activity - Oracle
    When you use standard auditing, Oracle Database writes the audit records to either to DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL (the SYS.AUD$ table), the operating system audit trail, or to the DBA_COMMON_AUDIT_TRAIL view, which combines standard and fine-grained audit log records.Reviews: 7

Oracle audit table example - dbapath
    According to Oracle, Auditing is the monitoring and recording of selected user database actions. In standard auditing, you use initialization parameters and the AUDITNOAUDIT SQL statements to audit SQL statements, privileges, and schema objects, and network and multitier activities.. Example. How to enable audit trail in Oracle Database 11g.

ORACLE-BASE - Auditing in Oracle 10g Database Release 2
    In Oracle 9i fine grained auditing was limited to queries, but in Oracle 10g it has been extended to include DML statements, as shown by the following example.-- Clear down the audit trail. CONN sys/password AS SYSDBA TRUNCATE TABLE fga_log$; SELECT …

    DBA_AUDIT_SESSION. DBA_AUDIT_SESSION displays all audit trail records concerning CONNECT and DISCONNECT.. Related View. USER_AUDIT_SESSION contains audit trail records concerning connections and disconnections of the current user.

Log/Audit Tables In Oracle - hocuspokus
    Now, we create the audit table - the audit table is exactly the same as the table that we wish to keep a log of, except for one extra column, “AUDIT_DATE”, this will keep record the date/time of when an change occurred on the original table.

ORACLE-BASE - Auditing
    Home » Articles » 8i » Here. Auditing. There is a newer version of this article here.. The auditing mechanism for Oracle is extremely flexible so I'll only discuss performing full auditing on a single user.

How to track logon & logout ... - Oracle Ask TOM
    Oct 29, 2001 · The audit trail is either a database table OR the system event log (OS specific as to where that is). If you are using the database table, creating a flat …

audit log AUD$ table and Query... Oracle Community
    Mar 12, 2010 · I enabled auditing - AUDIT ALL BY erp BY ACCESS - Audit Select table, update table, delete table, insert table by erp by access PLease tell me the difference between these two, I think i should use the second statement/line only, it will audit only DML and leave the other commands.. Edited by: The_Rock on Mar 11, 2010 2:59 AM

Audit trail tables in Oracle 12c - Database Administrators ...
    In Oracle database, we don't have such tables to hold changes. Is audit trail tables still the way to go or is this built into unified audit? No, in unified auditing there is only one view called UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL to display all the data related to the audit. Can we enable it through some sql statements, and if so, is there a guide for that?

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